Cybersecurity is the order of the day. It is important to protect the data of the company as well as employees. T2C provides mechanisms for the prevention of data theft and possible extortion.

Our security policy is defined as Confidentiality, integrity and availability. For Information Technologues we apply sub-policies like Computer, Information, Network and Physical Security Policy, Remote Access Policy, User Account Policy and Information Protection Policy. We are certified in CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker Certification).

Perimetral security

Intrusion detection and prevention system | Firewall | Antivirus | Cryptography and Digital signatures | Honeypots

Information Gathering: Passive

Scanning and enumeration | Footprinting | Open-source intelligence | Social network

Information Gathering: Active

Reconnaissance | Gaining access | Exploit vulnerabilities | Privilege escalation


Jigsaw | TheHarvester | Creepy | Maltego | Fierce | Shodan | HaveIBeenPwned


Malware threats | XSS & CSRF prevention | SQL injection | RUDY | Botnet | Crypter | Denial-of-Service


Security policy best practices | Pishing and SPAM attacks training | Impersonation | Piggybacking and tailgating | System backups | Encrypted transfer protocols, data and systems