Virtual Environment Reduction

Due to the progress in fields like data storage, networking or computational capability, computing has experimented a huge advancement in the last decades. As Moore said 50 years ago, the number of transistors in a microprocessor will double every two years and, nowadays, this is still valid in an quite accurate way. Because of this, this development increases the economic cost, making it available only for a few. Due to this, one of the greatest challenges of the computing nowadays relies in the optimization of the use of the hardware resources. In the field of virtualization, an example of this is the containerization, which not only allows a better efficiency in costs due to less hardware requirement and human resources for the deployment, but it also consumes less energy because of the requirement of less complexity.

Application Containerization

Using Docker, encapsulate your apps in containers in order to make them deploy faster and easier. Containerization allows an completely independent environment for each app, all in the same machine.


Make your apps full available using orchestration. Deploy more instances of your app if there's high demand or even migrate them automatically between nodes if something bad happens.


Check CPU Usage, Memory Consuption, Newtork Traffic, Disk Transaction... of your apps.